What and how to test and try in digital 2019?

2019 Mandatory Instruments Checklist


Chat bots

Chatbots are modern virtual consultants that help automate the process of communication with potential clients / target audience.

Ways of application:

✔ Profiles. Often these are basic questions (name, gender, geolocation, line of business / interest) that are necessary to collect a database for further work in your business;

✔ Consultation. Simply put, helping a client get basic information about the service or product of your brand. It is important to enter all the most frequently asked questions with prepared answers in the bot;

✔ Online application form. Its purpose is to collect the contact details of a person, to give the function of choosing a product / service, where the final stage is “fill out an application”, “order a service”.


Video content

According to global trends, videos continue to actively gain more of the engagement (likes, comments, reposts) on social networks than any other content format. Also, videos increase the open rate (in other words, the openness of letters) in e-mail newsletters by 2 times, coolly “warm up” your target audience when posted on the site

In 2019, the most relevant videos are vertical. Users of social networks last year “recognized” vertical videos, as live streaming on Instagram and stories were actively used as a separate platform for content

Video content helps shape the company’s positioning, getting closer to Central Asia increases brand loyalty.

Try to take off the life of your company, make a team, introduce your potential customers to the team. This greatly enhances brand confidence.



This is a kind of profile, which is attached in the footer (basement) of the site to ask users your questions. The tool has so far been developed only in the west, therefore, it’s time to try it out before the competitors get there.

What to do?

✔ identify the specific purpose of the survey;

✔ register from 10 to 15 questions (from “Your name”, “Marital status”, “Did you use our service?”, to “Would you recommend the service to friends?”, etc.);

✔ put the questionnaire on the site



How to participate in givas to raise reach and lead more potential customers?

✔ choose the organizer based on his expertise in your profile;

✔ a CA profile should resonate with yours;

✔ analyze the content and comments – they should be real, and not just thousands of emoticons – these are most likely bots;

✔ make an engagement analysis – a good ratio of likes to comments – 10%